Top 5 Benefits of a Guest Application

The hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic and highly competitive industries in the world.

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is ever-changing guest expectations. Today, customers are looking for a unique experience and personalized service, which many hotels lack the resources for: qualified staff and technological solutions. One way to solve this problem is to offer a guest application that does not require downloading, which will be next to the guest throughout the stay and in one click will help with almost everything.

Mobile and web applications for hotels have been at the top of hotel technologies for the past few years, and every year their functionality never ceases to amaze.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a guest app:
1. Improved guest experience

The Guest App provides guests with convenient access to information and services related to their stay. They can use the app for self-check-in, room reservations, bookings, communication with staff, room management, online payment, and more. With all these services in their pocket, guests do not have to call the front desk for every question or languish in lines .
2. Increasing income
Guest apps can also help hotels improve their bottom line by offering guests easy access to hotel offerings. For example, hotels can promote value-added services such as room upgrades, breakfast, late check-out, food and services with extra options, choice of spa treatments, or restaurant reservations for the evening.
3. Improving operational efficiency
Guest applications help hotels improve operational efficiency by reducing the burden on front desk staff by automating a large number of tasks that were previously performed manually. It also reduces the possibility of errors and misunderstandings, which has a strong impact on the overall guest experience. The staff will have more time to perform more important tasks and pleasant communication with guests.
4. Improved communication
Guest applications provide two-way communication between the guest and the hotel, allowing you to send messages online. This means that guests can ask questions while in the room or outside the hotel, and the staff can respond quickly and efficiently. Hotels can also send notifications about events, promotions, special offers, and other stay-related news to increase engagement. In addition, the guest will have the opportunity to leave feedback about their stay, and the hotel will have the opportunity to quickly respond to a negative review.
5. Increase loyalty
Guest apps can help hotels improve guest loyalty by tracking data and providing a personalized experience. For example, if you know that a guest usually asks for an extra pillow, having that pillow in their room the next time they visit will make the guest feel special and more likely to come back. In addition, modern guests are accustomed to technological conveniences in everyday life and will not want to give them up in a hotel.

The guest web application is a simple but the right solution for effective communication with the guest, perfect service, and increasing additional income.

25 April 2023