27 May 2022

Hoteza HotPad

Hoteza HotPad is a multifunctional interactive application for tablet devices in hotel rooms. Guests do not need to download the application: the system is already installed on the tablets in the rooms and is ready to use. Guests can ord...

24 May 2022

See you at the Hoteza webinars!

Hoteza held the first webinar for hoteliers!

17 May 2022

Hoteza Menu

What is Hoteza Menu? This is an interactive menu for restaurants and lobby bars in electronic format, which can be viewed simply by scanning the QR code on the tables. Forget about menus in outdated pdf format! The guest can choose, orde...

12 May 2022

Hoteza Smart Kit

Hoteza Smart Kit is a set of free tools designed to optimize operations and increase additional income. The company offers 3 Hoteza products in the Basic version, which do not require additional investments in the hotel or restaurant inf...

11 May 2022

Hoteza Menu

For more than 10 years, SMARTEQ has been well known in the hospitality industry as a market leader in the development of its own Hoteza IT solutions for hotels that help guests get the most positive emotions from their stay and relaxatio...

21 April 2022

Self Hotel Check-In: Future or Present?

Imagine the situation, you are preparing for a trip, you want to go through an independent online check-in for a flight, take care of a comfortable seat in the cabin in advance so as not to waste time at the airport, but you cannot do th...

14 April 2022

Hoteza Check-in

Your guests will appreciate it! Online check-in will help you make your hotel check-in process faster, more convenient and safer. Your guests will be able to self-check in from their smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the wo...

12 April 2022

Why Hoteza HotSign?

Why Hoteza HotSign? 1. Convenient control Hoteza HotSign has simple and intuitive controls. You can create content, update information online from anywhere in the world. 2. No restrictions Hoteza has no limit on the number of screens and...

6 April 2022

SMARTEQ celebrates its 13th anniversary!

We are 13 years old! Over the years, we have successfully completed more than 1000 projects throughout Russia and have become one of the market leaders! Thanks to our expensive customers who trust us with equipping our hotels and the com...

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