23 January 2023

Guest Experience: The Importance and Demands of Modern Guests

Today, to be competitive in the hospitality industry, hotels must provide much more than a clean room. They must create an impression. The guest experience is the driving force that engages travelers to book, creates fond memories, and c...

19 January 2023

Hotel technology in the industry: prospects and challenges

The hospitality industry is one of the driving forces of the global economy. The widespread introduction of new technologies in this industry in recent years has fundamentally changed the way services are provided and received. In an art...

10 January 2023

Minibars and safes Omnitec available in our warehouse

Let's start the year with good news! Literally a week before the holidays, we received our New Year's gift, however, from the Spanish Santa Claus. We have received a large number of hotel minibars and safes, which are already waiting in ...

26 December 2022

We wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear colleagues! We wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

12 December 2022

Imperial Club Deluxe Ulyanovsk: new SMARTEQ project

The new Imperial Club Deluxe Ulyanovsk hotel gives not only an atmosphere of comfort in Russian traditions, but also high service due to modern SMARTEQ solutions. SAMSUNG hotel TVs, with the Hoteza TV system installed, make it possible t...

2 December 2022

Spent autumn in warm Sochi, at Ruviera Expo&Forum

We spent autumn in warm Sochi, at Ruviera Expo&Forum. We were glad to introduce our colleagues to Hoteza solutions and our hotel equipment.

18 November 2022

Kol Gali Resort & Spa, with integrated Hoteza solutions, has become the best smart hotel

Our client, Kol Gali Resort & Spa, won the Best SMART Hotel Award We cannot ignore this great news, because Hoteza solutions (Hoteza TV Pro, HSIA and Hoteza Mobile) have been integrated into hotel rooms for several years. Our products al...

9 November 2022


On November 14-15, Moscow will host the Hotel Business Forum, an event that will bring together hoteliers from all over Russia in one place. The topic of the forum is “Hotel: Reloading the Matrix”, which means that the forum speakers wil...

7 November 2022

Digitization of services and personalization guest experience

Personalization of the guest experience is essential for good value-added sales and a high level of service. It creates an individual approach due to the possibility of customizing the proposed solutions. Most hotels offer the most reque...

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