Hoteza TV solution at the Manzherok hotel in Gorny Altai

The Hoteza TV solution, with the most complete functionality in the PRO package, has become part of the service in the Manzherok hotel complex in the resort of the same name.

Guests have access to all hotel services directly on the TV in their room: full information about the resort, room service, additional services, booking of bars and restaurants of the complex.

If the guest wants to enjoy watching TV, he can turn on his favorite channel, connect his gadget to watch his own content, or find what he wants on YouTube.

For all questions, the hotel staff can be contacted through the guest message function. Viewing the invoice and orders is also available in the Hoteza TV system.

The hotel has even added a Shopping section so that the guest can buy some skiing outfits or souvenirs to remember their stay at the resort.

By the way, the guest can always share his honest opinion about the rest by leaving a review in the Hoteza TV system. If the impression is negative, the hotel will be able to respond in time and restore the guest's trust before his departure.

19 April 2023