Interview with Hoteza CTO - Alexey Chizhikov

Not so long ago, an interview with Nikolai Beloshitsky was published about the creation of hotel IT solutions and how a small startup turned into a big company, which is now known to almost the entire hotel world.

Obviously, reaching such a high international level is almost impossible if you don't have a good IT team. Today, Hotelier.Pro decided to talk to Alexey Chizhikov, Technical Director of Hoteza.

This is the man who stood at the origins of the company, and today he leads the very team of "bright minds" that Nikolai Beloshitsky spoke about in his interview.

How did Aleksey turn one mobile app into a powerful platform for the hospitality market, which is now present in more than 600 hotels? What concept, developed by him, changes the life of the hotel by 180 degrees and in what way does Alexey consider himself a perfectionist? Read about this and much more in a new interview on

7 February 2023