Digitization of services and personalization guest experience

Personalization of the guest experience is essential for good value-added sales and a high level of service. It creates an individual approach due to the possibility of customizing the proposed solutions. Most hotels offer the most requested services, but they do not provide an opportunity to provide a personalized service.

This leaves travelers with an all-or-nothing choice, and they usually choose the latter option. This choice greatly affects the income of the hotel. If hoteliers offer more tailored solutions, guests can plan their stay according to their desires, preferences, expectations and budget. The process of creating personalized value propositions can be greatly simplified by using an efficient technology platform to manage the interaction between guests and the hotel.

The goal of digitalization of services is to move towards a digital business model in which IT solutions can take on some of the responsibilities that were previously performed by living people, that is, staff. This will significantly reduce the costs of the hotel, optimize the workflow and minimize unwanted contacts. The digital services platform gives guests the ability to view, plan and select services as they see fit, facilitating the seamless integration of technology into their journey.

Self-check-in, booking, room-to-room bookings from multiple devices, personalized communication, hotel mobile apps, own content browsing are just a few examples of digital services that attract guests.

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7 November 2022