They will definitely come back: 5 solutions that allow you to establish interaction with guests

In a Deloitte survey of 6,600 guests surveyed, 75% indicated that they return to hotels that provide good service.

But delivering an unrivaled experience is becoming more of a challenge, especially with increased competition, rapidly changing technology and traveler preferences. We have identified five key steps to improve customer experience: information, engagement, delight, empowerment, and listening to your guests.

1. Self Check-in
Pre-checkin allows the guest to check in at any convenient time online, and the hotel to learn more about future guests and their preferences in advance. Use this information to provide personalized service and surprise your guests even before they check into their room.

2. Mobile key
Another benefit of self-registration. When checking into a hotel, the guest does not have to waste time and last effort at the reception desk, he can immediately go to the room by opening the door with his own smartphone.

3. Marketing Module
The marketing module is an effective tool for creating advertising campaigns and another easy way to exceed expectations. Greet guests with a video message from the general manager, wish them happy holidays, tell them about interesting offers or events, offer snacks while watching a movie. The marketing module is a great way to show your care to guests.

4. Room service
Even in a hotel, guests want to feel at home. Not everyone wants to dine at a restaurant, pick up the hotel phone, or leave their room. Give guests what they want. Let them order food or room service on their own through their smartphones or TV screen.

5. Guest Messages
A convenient way to minimize personal communication with those guests who are more comfortable communicating online. The Guest Message feature allows you to quickly respond to guest questions and provides an opportunity to resolve problematic situations before a guest writes a bad review.

These 5 simple solutions allow you to exceed expectations, give the most unforgettable experience of your stay and the desire to return again. | +7 (495) 981-57-38 / 39

29 June 2022