Our New Project: Park-Hotel SOSNOVOE Family Club

This year we started working in a cozy park-hotel SOSNOVOE Family Club.

The country club offers its guests 4 types of accommodation - Villa, Family Suite, Standard, Standard +, both for a family of two and for a large family company. Each issue now has OMNITEC FITIN 2 locks - an updated and supplemented model of the FIT-IN lock, with which you can easily and quickly replace unsafe mechanical locks with a key cylinder or outdated ones based on magnetic cards and chips. The FIT-IN model is easily installed on an existing mechanical lock, adapting to it, providing ease of installation and security.

We have tried to make the guests' rest in their rooms as comfortable and interactive as possible by installing LG UT665H hotel TVs in every room, which offers ULTRA HD displays and compatibility with the Hoteza TV hotel system. With high picture quality, sophisticated design and advanced connectivity, it enhances in-room entertainment and convenience with the latest technology.

In SOSNOVOE Family Club, guests can escape from the city routine, “change the picture” and get the most out of their vacation!

29 October 2020