Why is hotel internet is so important?

At the heart of any business, including hotel business, are 2 main tasks - to attract a client and keep him. However, times are changing, and with it, guests and their requirements for a comfortable stay at the hotel are changing. That is why hoteliers must constantly keep their finger on the pulse and try to make guests leave with positive impressions and come back.

A few years ago, it was enough for a guest to get a comfortable bed, and the services and facilities of the room were perceived as additional, today everything has changed dramatically. The modern guest is primarily interested in the availability of free Internet in the room and sincerely wonders if this service is provided for a fee or if it is not available at all. Unfortunately, many hoteliers underestimate the importance of providing the Internet, although in the long run this threatens the loss of guests from generation Y.

To understand this problem, a study was conducted to find out how the hotel business meets the needs of guests with the help of Internet access. The company interviewed more than 400 respondents from various hotels in nine European countries. According to this study, hoteliers consider internet access to be the second most important criterion when choosing a hotel. By the way, almost half (49%) of 1,028 respondents think so. Businessmen and tourists consider high-speed Internet access as a standard hotel service. 95% of managers of European hotels agree with this, although they and their guests have completely different opinions about the necessary quality of the Internet. Guests need the same high-speed Internet that they use at home. It is no coincidence that poor WIFI is the second most common reason for complaints of hotel guests after noise in the room.

“The point is not desire. You need it. Consumers and guests dictate their terms about what you should and should not have. The Internet is what you should provide by default. If I have something in my own home, I expect to get the same during my trip. Therefore, if the speed of my home Internet is 100 Mbps, I expect the same during my trip and staying in hotels,” says Vinay Patel, secretary of AAHOA (Asian American Association of Hotel Owners).

Frequent complaints should make the entire hotel industry think about the importance of providing quality Internet access. More than half (52%) of the managers surveyed indicated that they have problems when guests try to connect many devices to the wireless network, and 12% of the respondents constantly encounter this problem.

A modern Internet access system for hotel guests (Hoteza HSIA) solves the problem of congestion in the Internet channel, fairly distributing the available speed. The speed between all real users of the same level is divided based on current needs in accordance with the so-called “fair access policy”. With this model, even free access users will not experience inconvenience.

Noteza HSIA helps to reduce hotel staff costs, as well as get positive reviews and exclude dissatisfied guests thanks to quick auto-tuning of devices and prompt technical support. In addition, Noteza HSIA has many useful functions, for example, branding an authorization page in accordance with a corporate identity and round-the-clock support by phone hotline.

The Hoteza HSIA decision fully complies with the requirements of Federal Law No. 97-ФЗ dated May 5, 2014 and Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 758 dated July 31, 2014, prohibiting hotels from anonymously connecting guests to the Wi-Fi network. Guest authorization is possible both by telephone number and by room number and last name thanks to a certified interface with all major PMS systems, including Opera, Fidelio, Logus, Shelter, etc.

Such famous hotels as Kempinski Moika 22, Kempinski Moika 22, SO / Sofitel St. Petersburg, Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg, Astoria Hotel, Metropol Hotel and many others have already appreciated the possibilities of Hoteza, and we will be glad to see you among our favorite customers.

23 March 2020