Helvetia Saint-Petersburg

Supplied Products:

Year: 2021

At the Helvetia Hotel, the most hospitable in St. Petersburg, two modern Hoteza solutions have appeared: an interactive hotel television system and a web application.

“I wanted to integrate both products into the hotel, as I understand that one cannot live without the other. These are very versatile solutions. Firstly, I like that when a guest arrives in the room, a personal greeting awaits him on the screen - this is beautiful, status, a kind of “image wrapper. Secondly, it is interactive communication. The guest, communicating through the screen, can immediately receive everything they need, including checking the account. Thus, we can stimulate the sale of additional services, ”says Yunis Teymurkhanli, owner of the Helvetia Hotel.

Hoteza TV and Hoteza Web are managed through one CMS and are integrated with all existing hotel systems. The guest can use whatever is more convenient for him. Through TV in the rooms or through your own smartphones, you can order room service, any service, sign up for spa treatments, book a table at a restaurant, and even buy souvenirs in the Helvetia online shop. All purchases are recorded on the guest's account, thanks to the posting of the order value in the hotel's PMS system. He will be able to pay for them when leaving.

“Before checking into the hotel, the guest receives an automatic welcome email, which contains a QR code and a link to the web application. That is, even before check-in, the guest can get acquainted with the application, the hotel, view information or place orders, ”says Nikolay Beloshitskiy, CEO of SMARTEQ.

The web application does not need to be downloaded, it is enough to scan the QR code in the room or the dynamic QR code on the TV in the Hoteza system, which frees the guest from entering his data when placing an order. All information about him is already in our system.

“Hoteza is the most powerful player in the Russian hospitality market today. Besides, this is a Russian company, which is doubly pleasant for me. If there is a good quality product, they should be proud, ”summed up Yunis Teymurkhanli, owner of the Helvetia Hotel.