Verba Mayr Moscow

Supplied Products:

Year: 2020

The newest Hoteza installation for TV and Mobile app are now part of the service of Verba Mayr, well-known Austrian Health Center in Russia. Integrated with Logus PMS and Sanatorium Hospital Information System, it allows the visitors to check the schedule of procedures and make their appointments with only a few clicks. Hoteza Mobile app turns into an all-in-one virtual pocket assistant with plenty of features and services to provide a personalised stay.

Verba Mayr is the first Austrian Health Center in Russia that offers to its visitors a preventive rehabilitation program based on the doctor F.K. Mayr’s method. This award-winning health centre specialises in complex diagnostics of the body, individual recovery programs, treatment and preventive procedures, recovery of the nervous system, cosmetology and SPA services, as well as trainings dedicated to the new nutrition rules and lifestyle. Verba Mayr facilities include an up-to-date medical centre, a European 5-star premium class hotel, a luxury SPA centre and a restaurant with healthy food.