Head station of TV reception

Television begins with content. A set of popular information, news, and entertainment TV channels in different languages ​​is required for full customer service. For that, the hotel needs to provide equipment for centralized input and processing of TV signals – that is, a head-end station.

Contemporary digital TV stations are modular and do easily adapt to the specific hotel architecture.  With a minimal form factor (1U to 4U in the server rack), they allow input and processing of all satellite and terrestrial channels, that are of interest to the hotel, including decryption of the operator's premium content, followed by forming the output set of TV channels and broadcasting them in digital formats like:

  • IPTV (for "twisted pair" wires),
  • DVB-C (for coaxial cable networks),
  • or in multiple formats simultaneously (for hybrid distribution networks).

While collaborating with the leading manufacturers of digital head-end stations, SMARTEQ experts are ready to carry out the whole scope of works on design, delivery and commissioning of the head-end equipment, regardless of the type of cable distribution networks at the hotel or requirements to TV channels.

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