Electronic Hotel LocksElectronic Hotel Locks

Electronic Hotel Locks

The locks and software communicate in real time, instantly recording all information stored in the locks and updating any changes made in the software database. We offer locking systems from the world's leading manufacturers for both guestrooms and your hotel's back house.



Hotels all over the world are using minibars. Absorption and thermoelectric ISM minibars earned the trust of leading hotel chains.

Hotel SafesHotel Safes

Hotel Safes

Modern travellers always expect to have an electronic safe in their room. So a modern hotel can not operate without electronic safes.

Hotel TVsetsHotel TVsets

Hotel TVsets

LG, Samsung, Philips.LG, Samsung, Philips. Solutions of these vendors are designed specially for the hotel industry and work both as a complex interactive system and as single unit. The particularity of the industry complements these TVs by special types of fastening, designed for the hotel rooms.



Today’s guests check-in with all their personal electronics and they want to use them. They want to watch their own TV shows and movies, play their own games. Your guest are looking to you to ...plug them in.

Hotel PhonesHotel Phones

Hotel Phones

At first glance it might seem that the hotel phones are not much different from ordinary household or office phones. But in fact, there is quite a lot of differences, both external and functional in the functional.

Switches, Routers, Wireless and Server equipmentSwitches, Routers, Wireless and Server equipment

Switches, Routers, Wireless and Server equipment

Contemporary hotels offer a wide range of services and facilities to their guests. Qualitative performance of those services would be not possible without a stable and high-speed data network. High-quality and fast Wi-Fi access has always been highly valued among hotel guests. Statistics show that 83% of the guests would certainly warn other travelers about the poor quality of wireless communication, and 36% of those who were not satisfied with the Wi-Fi won’t stay at the hotel again. Reliable server hardware is key to stable operation of all hotel systems.