Hoteza solutions in a new hotel FarFour Inn & Suite

“Everyone would like to be treated like at home in a hotel, and at home like in a hotel.” Fran Lebowitz.

It is this quote that accurately conveys the atmosphere in the new high-tech hotel FarFour Inn & Suite in Yekaterinburg. The 4-star hotel has selected SMARTEQ as the integrator of Hoteza hotel solutions.

For the comfort of guests and technological service, we have integrated two solutions: the Hoteza TV PRO interactive hotel television system and the Hoteza web application.

Both products complement each other perfectly and allow guests to enjoy their stay without leaving their room. Information, orders, reservations, chat with staff and many other features are available both from the TV screen and from the guest's mobile phone. To access the web application, you just need to scan the QR code on your TV.

We added a few screenshots to make sure that our solutions are technologically advanced, convenient for guests, profitable for the hotel and very stylish!

22 August 2023