Guest Journey

In the hospitality industry, the guest journey plays an important role. Not only to provide good service in the hotel, but also to evaluate the operational efficiency. The guest journey is an excellent tool that helps to better understand guests, to clearly show at what stage the hotel service suffers difficulties or falls short of what modern guests require.

Plus, it's a great way to interact. Each stage can enable the hotel owner to engage guests with the hotel's features and offerings using the right technology products, tools and features.

Therefore, analyzing the guest journey in a hotel is the best way to highlight places that can be improved in terms of guest service and think over a development strategy that will allow you to provide the desired level of service and receive additional income from sales.

Below, we showed the Hoteza guest journey, which includes solutions that help guests enjoy every moment of their stay, from check-in to check-out. This diagram briefly describes the possibilities of our solutions at each stage. Perhaps this will help you better understand the importance of the guest journey and analyze the existing one in your hotel.

We are always in touch and ready to help hotels create ideal conditions for an ideal service.


14 August 2023