Hoteza Solutions at Grand Hotel Karat Sochi

The five-star Grand Karat Hotel in Sochi (ex. Hyatt) is a new project that we want to tell you about.
We installed two Hoteza solutions at once - TV and web, which now help the hotel maintain the highest level of guest service.
Both solutions are fully integrated with each other and have a set of almost identical functions - from detailed information and viewing your own content to ordering any room service. The guest can use whatever is more convenient for him or use 2 solutions at the same time. By the way, the guest's mobile phone can be used as a TV remote control in the room.

A little about viewing the guest's own content: the technological features of the Hoteza system allow you to implement the streaming functionality as efficiently as possible and at minimal cost. For implementation, it is not required to install Apple TV and Google Chrome Cast in each room behind the TV, thereby eliminating the theft of such set-top boxes by guests. Set-top boxes are installed in the server room, which allows you to reduce system maintenance to one point, as well as significantly save the budget during implementation, because to launch the solution you need only 5-10% of set-top boxes in relation to the number of rooms in the hotel.

21 June 2023