Hoteza HotSign in Movenpick Resort & SPA Anapa Miracleon

Hoteza HotSign system has been launched at the Movenpick Resort & SPA Anapa Miracleon.

This is a modern solution that allows you to display any important audiovisual information in the public areas of the hotel.

Loading, personalization and management of information can be done from anywhere in the world in real time, at no cost.

Guests of the Movenpick Resort & SPA Anapa Miracleon will definitely not get lost and will stay up to date with current events, special offers or up-to-date information throughout their stay.

The content in the hotel is displayed on professional Samsung displays, which guarantees high quality display and convenient system management.

Hoteza HotSign is a handy tool to enhance the comfort and convenience of your hotel guests..

12 May 2023