Imperial Club Deluxe Ulyanovsk: new SMARTEQ project

The new Imperial Club Deluxe Ulyanovsk hotel gives not only an atmosphere of comfort in Russian traditions, but also high service due to modern SMARTEQ solutions.

SAMSUNG hotel TVs, with the Hoteza TV system installed, make it possible to use all hotel services without leaving the room.

Does the guest want to order dinner in the room or book a table in the hotel restaurant? Maybe he needs additional accessories? It is enough to select these services in the interactive menu on the hotel TV screen and get what you want in a couple of clicks.

In addition to the hotel TV system, we have integrated our Hoteza web application. All the same services as on the TV, but on the guest's phone. Firstly, this is a great alternative if the guest is more accustomed to making orders or getting information from his smartphone. Secondly, Hoteza Web works even if the guest is outside the room or hotel. You don't have to download the app, it works right in your browser. It is enough to scan the QR code on the TV screen.

12 December 2022