Technologies in priority: proving the value of hotel IT solutions

The hotel industry and modern technologies are an ideal tandem. Over the past few years, technology has greatly changed our industry. But, (there is always one THING, BUT) many hoteliers, as before, refrain from introducing any technological solutions in their facilities. This happens, often because they do not see value in it.

Anyway, avoiding solutions for the hotel business in the era of digitalization is not the best vector for development, given the expectations of modern travelers.

If you still doubt that IT solutions are necessary for your hotel, then this post is for you.

Technology is a top priority for hotels.

The above headline is a loud statement, but it is based on facts and the current state of affairs in the industry. Currently, a huge number of hotels rely on technology. From registration to departure — everything is connected with them.

In a recent survey on the reasons for using technology, hotel owners stated the following:
• 24% of respondents stated that the main reason is to improve the quality of guest service.
• 18% said they want to increase their profits.
• 16% said they want to make their hotel more promising.
• The rest of the respondents stated that they want to gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue, saving money and time.

Not only hoteliers have realized the importance of such solutions, modern travelers have become increasingly inclined to services that are IT-based, easy to use and provide a personalized experience.

These changing needs and desires of guests determine how hotels work today. In addition, it is convenient for the hotel. Tasks that once required a lot of effort and time of the staff can now be completed in a matter of minutes. Such solutions optimize work processes, allowing you to focus on good service.

To become and remain the best in this extremely competitive industry, modern technological solutions are needed, which are the main tool of most hoteliers around the world.

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7 September 2022