Hoteza TV

For a long time we didn't talk about our most popular product - the hotel television system Hoteza TV. Almost all of our projects have this solution. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a hotel room without a TV system.

Hoteza TV is an interactive hotel system that works without IPTV set-top boxes (STB) and is compatible with most hospitality TVs on the market.

Full integration with PMS allows the hotel to greet the guest on the TV screen, send messages, take orders, provide detailed information about services, invoices and interactive services, and collect feedback to provide a complete service.

A library of films from the world's film studios, viewing guest's own content using the Hoteza Stream function, weather, room control (blinds, lights, temperature, housekeeping) are also available from the screens of our system.

Using Hoteza TV, you get the opportunity not only to improve the level of service, but also to promote hotel services, receiving additional income.

2 September 2022