Top solutions for perfect service

What will be the experience of guests from their stay - perhaps the most important thing that every hotel should take care of. If you aim to make every memory of your hotel a positive one, then this short article is for you ⬇
Here are some simple yet effective solutions you can put in place to start delighting your guests before and during their stay.

Good service in a hotel should start before guests arrive. Self-service online check-in is not just a convenient way to quickly check-in with intuitive steps to fill in the data, but also a working tool that allows the hotel to learn more about future guests and prepare for their arrival. You will be able to know in advance about the wishes, offer additional services and allow guests to get to know your hotel. Upon arrival of the guest, you will have more time for personal communication and a warm smile, because all the data will already be in the system and you will not have to spend time entering them. As a result, the guest is impressed by the warm welcome, and online check-in has saved him a lot of time.

 A clean room, a comfortable bed, and a personal touch are all you need for a perfect holiday. Greet guests with a welcome message on the TV screen in the room, congratulate them on their birthday or other important date - with the marketing module, your possibilities are endless.

Having interactive and automated services is your advantage. Allow guests to order meals via in-room TV or their own smartphone. The paper menu may remain, but it will not impress, will not allow you to remove or add additional toppings, pay for your order online, and will not show mouth-watering photos that increase sales. But the most important thing is not to force the guest to call if he does not want to!
Another wow-effect is room management using a tablet. Spectacularly opening or closing curtains, adjusting the air conditioner or controlling the lights without getting out of bed, provides additional comfort and a pleasant experience. Be sure that they will definitely write about it in reviews or tell friends.

By relying on interactive technology, you can take another step forward in providing the perfect service. A satisfied guest can bring you 5x more bookings than a paid channel, as 92% of consumers trust personal recommendations or online reviews.

17 August 2022