Business club of hoteliers: new reality of hotel business

The departure of European chains has hit the Russian hotel market - this is a harsh fact. Even during the pandemic, there was more clarity in the hotel business than now, when chains hastily left the Russian market.

At one of the latest events for hoteliers, where hotel leaders discussed a new reality in the context of anti-Russian sanctions, we heard an interesting fact: the IHG brand is gone, but hotels will leave the team and work without a brand, making every effort to maintain a high level of service.

Of course, first of all, it was about giving guests the level of service that every time met them in European chains, and the last phrase made us think that other hotels (even non-chain ones) should follow this example.
We, as a company that creates experiences for guests in the form of modern hotel technologies, are 100% sure that even without operating under a well-known global brand, a hotel can provide the highest level of service for its guests. Our numerous completed projects confirm this.

Now there is no shortage of hotels, the market is in stagnation and most hotels have all the resources to implement IT solutions that will distinguish it in the market, provide the expected service and quickly pay off the investment.

12 August 2022