Hoteza HotPad

Hoteza HotPad Hospitality Solution is a multilingual global guest service application designed specifically for in-room tablets. The interactive entertainment system benefits everyone: the hotel gets a powerful and effective marketing tool, and guests get a simple and convenient application.

The solution offers the ability to work on both iOS and Andorid devices, depending on preference or available hardware - it is easy to install and integrates with various PMS, RMS, IPTV and POS systems. HotPad supports 68 languages ​​and is cloud-based. You can perform operations and easily manage content using the unique Hoteza CMS.

It is a one-stop solution that provides many benefits for guests. Guests do not need to download the application themselves, it provides all the detailed information about both the hotel and the destination. Services providedwith a single tap on the screen include food ordering and drinks in the room, restaurant reservations and spa treatments, taxi, room management, minibar replenishment, as well as ordering any other additional services offered by the hotel.

Hoteza HotPad replaces paper materials and significantly reduces printing costs. You can update the information at any time online.

The intuitive interface helps guests navigate the app easily, and the design can be customized to match the hotel's branding (colors, logos, fonts, etc.) to maintain the brand's visual identity.

The Hoteza HotPad solution allows you to discover new revenue channels and provides statistical information about guest behavior, making it a powerful marketing tool for future service.

5 August 2022