Hoteza Solutions in Dacha del Sol Miracleon Hotel

4-star Dacha del Sol Miracleon chooses 2 Hoteza products as top guest interactive IT solutions.

The Hoteza TV system in the basic package delights guests on in-room TVs, allowing them to watch the most popular TV channels and get to know the hotel and its offers better. At the same time, the Hoteza Web PRO expands the boundaries of service: it gives the opportunity to order food in the room, book spa treatments, shop and control the TV directly from your smartphone.

The web application does not require downloading, hotel guests simply scan the QR code on the TV screen in our system. By the way, they can pay for all orders and purchases in any convenient way, including online by card.

Our impressive portfolio has been replenished with another successful project. Thank you for choosing SMARTEQ!

6 July 2022