Mobile TV Remote

The almost two-year battle with COVID-19 has prompted many hotels to rethink the need to have devices in their rooms that almost every guest will touch. Even before the pandemic, many studies showed that certain areas of a hotel room can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, such as tables, bathroom counters, and TV remotes.

Fun Fact: In 2012, a team from the University of Houston, Purdue University, and the University of South Carolina measured pollution levels in nine hotel rooms, three each in Texas, Indiana, and South Carolina. Samples showed that of all the items we normally come into contact with during our stay, the TV remote was one of the most contaminated.

Hoteza Mobile TV Remote is a contactless solution that allows you to give your guests an unforgettable and safe experience and control the TV in the room with their own phone.

The mobile TV remote feature can be easily implemented in the Hoteza mobile or web applications in any hotel that already uses a Hoteza TV system. Contactless and secure solution that allows you to control your TV with your smartphone.

4 July 2022