6 reasons why online hotel needs check-in

Hoteza Check-in is a way to give your guests full control over their check-in, avoiding long queues. This technology helps to build relationships with guests and increase brand loyalty.

Below, we list 6 reasons why online hotel check-in is mandatory:

1. Convenience for guests
All people are looking for ways to simplify the implementation of complex tasks. Guests will love it if you give them the option to check in at a time that suits them on any device that is convenient to them.

2. Reducing queues
Your guests may have spent many agonizing hours on the road. Do not make them languish even at the reception desk. By checking in online, guests will be able to go directly to their room. Our current clients prove that Hoteza Check-in reduces check-in time by 60%. This reduces the number of people waiting in line and greatly reduces front desk load.

3. Work optimization and loyalty increase
Think about the moment your guest walks up to the front desk. How long does it take to enter passport data into the system, prepare a key, sign documents, make a payment? Was there enough time to chat with the guest, find out about their wishes, offer additional services and just ask how the flight was? Online check-in automates manual tasks and frees staff from routine, allowing you to pay special attention to communication with guests. The staff will have more time to understand the expectations of the guests and their personal needs. Hoteza Check-in gives you the opportunity to save time and increase the efficiency of your staff. All necessary guest data for check-in, such as passport details, electronic signature, etc., will be collected prior to arrival at the hotel.

4. Unforgettable guest experience
When does the guest experience start? Regardless of your star rating or reviews, the guest experience must begin before checking into a hotel. They need to know that they will receive the level of service they expect. Online check-in allows you to send emails before you arrive. This will help you gather information about guests in advance so they can feel special. Showing that you care about them even before they arrive makes their experience unforgettable.
5. Increasing additional income
Offer unique services: room upgrades, spa treatments, breakfast, late check-out, and more. By demonstrating services during online check-in, your guests can choose the options they need in advance, and the hotel will increase additional income.

6. Safety of guests
Despite the fact that almost all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, contactless solutions continue to be at the peak of popularity. In the email, you can send relevant information about the hygiene measures taken by your hotel, so that your guests can be sure that their stay will be as safe as possible.

You can get advice on the Hoteza Check-in product by sending a request to our mail info@smarteq.ru

9 June 2022