The perfect tandem: technology and service

In recent years, the hotel industry has made a big leap forward, expanded its IT capabilities, making the stay more automated and convenient for guests. But as the practice of our work shows, not all hotels keep up with the times.

In many hotels there is a fear that such solutions will not provide proper service, will not cover all the needs of the guest, and automation will displace an individual approach.

For 13 years of our company's work, having created an entire ecosystem of products and implemented Hoteza in more than 500 hotels around the world, we can confidently say that automated solutions are the best investment that any hotelier can make to make his guest feel special. This does not mean that you will have to abandon the classic service. On the contrary, technology will take over the entire operational routine and reduce the burden on staff that they can direct to a real service.

It's nice to be greeted with a warm smile, interested in your wishes and escorted to the room, and not asked to fill out a pile of papers while the staff transfers your data to the computer. Digital solutions don't have days off and they don't have a bad mood. 24/7 technologies are ready to give unforgettable impressions, cover all the needs of guests, make their stay at the hotel habitual and convenient.

Why did you stop ordering a taxi or food delivery home by phone? This ceased to be relevant when convenient ordering services appeared. At the same time, the traditional service remains, if you need the help of a person.

The same thing happens at the hotel. Guests do not want to pick up the phone to make an order in the room, awkwardly explaining about the degree of frying of the steak or an allergy to lactose. But, they will definitely be pleased if you ask how their dinner went and whether they liked the steak.

In such a situation, everything is in the black: the guest is satisfied with the attention, and the employees are productive and not loaded with a large volume of work tasks. It turned out to be an almost perfect tandem in terms of the effectiveness of the interaction between the technologies in the hotel and the human service.

We are always ready to take your fears on ourselves and implement solutions that will become the right hand of your staff and wow-effect for your guests. This is proved by more than 1000 successfully implemented projects. Implemented solutions have become an indispensable part of the hotel service, increased revenue from additional sales and reduced labor costs.

1 June 2022