Why Hoteza HotSign?

Why Hoteza HotSign?

1. Convenient control
Hoteza HotSign has simple and intuitive controls. You can create content, update information online from anywhere in the world.

2. No restrictions
Hoteza has no limit on the number of screens
and users. You can connect your employees to the system and configure their management capabilities.

3. Extensive connectivity
You can connect your Hoteza HotSign box to any display that has an HDMI input. The system works without a set-top box with LG, Samsung and Philips professional panels, as well as with LG and Samsung hospitality TVs.

4. Integration with PMS and other third party systems
The system is easily integrated with PMS and other systems, which allows you to automatically download information.

5. Stability
We use a reliable cloud platform Selectel (Russian data center).

6. All kinds of content
Hoteza supports almost any image and video format (including streaming). In addition, you can broadcast synchronous video on multiple screens, or place any combination of content on one screen at the same time (for example, video and text).

7. Uninterrupted work
The absence of an Internet connection will not affect the operation of the system in any way, since all content is cached in the display memory. However, these screens will not be able to download new content until the Internet connection is restored.

8. Adaptability
The Hoteza HotSign system successfully works in all areas, from hotels and restaurants to manufacturing and industry.

You can leave a request for connection and learn more about the operation of the system on the website hotsign.ru

12 April 2022

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