Security inside: TESA lock i-volution

ESA i-volution is an electronic lock that includes both lock cases (an external handle that rotates freely and a mechanical lock with authorization, as well as a proximity reader outside.

This secure lock has a very simple construction and modern design.

Main characteristics:
1️⃣ Reader module in various finishes with blue, green and red warning LEDs.
2️⃣ Wide range of DIN compatible handles. The handle turns freely when the door is closed.
3️⃣ Optional mechanical emergency cylinder.
4️⃣ Bluetooth and wireless online communication with long battery life.
5️⃣ Electronic privacy button on the inside.
6️⃣ The body of the EURO lock with recoil device includes an electromechanical clutch powered by batteries.
7️⃣ Automatic deadbolt (2.54 cm) and anti-panic function.
8️⃣ Sensors are turned on that register the following events: the door remains open, the door is not closed properly, intrusion, opening with a mechanical key.

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30 November 2021