TESA locks Donna SmartAir in a business hotel Belvedere-Nevsky

In the Belvedere-Nevsky business hotel, we already carried out work on the installation of TESA locks several years ago, and this year the time has come for renovation. In all hotel rooms, we have replaced Donna Magnetic locks with new and more technologically advanced Donna SmartAir.

TESA Donna SmartAir electronic locks work with contactless cards ISO 15693 or ISO 14443 (Mifare) and meet the latest modern developments in the field of intelligent access control.

Benefits at a glance:
1. High memory capacity and data protection.
2. High speed data transfer. The absence of contact between the chip and the reader ensures high reliability and low operating costs.
4. The identification element can be a card, keychain, bracelet, etc.
5. Wireless installation. The lock is powered by standard batteries.
6. When the lock is closed, the outer handle turns freely, which makes it impossible to force opening and breakage of the lock elements.
7. Installation of a mechanical cylinder for emergency door opening is possible.

Detailed information on hotel locks and other equipment can be obtained from our managers by sending a request to info@smarteq.ru.

23 November 2021