New electronic lock TESA i-max

Robust, innovative and elegant: the new electronic lock is a completely updated and upgraded access control device. With a more sophisticated design, multiple finishes and an extra-resistant locking 
mechanism, i-max is perfect for environments where intelligence, design and functionality must stand out.

And that's why:

- Locks are available with an optional integrated keypad for multi-factor authentication and convenience. Open with a PIN, your RFID 
credential, a combination of RFID + PIN for an extra layer of security, or a smartphone with the Openow app.
- Wire-free and battery powered (from 75,000 to 105,000 cycles between battery changes,  depending on RFID technology and system).
- The control unit, batteries and locking mechanism are all securely integrated on the inside.
- Locks have been certified according to EN1906. Category of use: Grade 4
- RFID reader with LED (blue/red) or RFID reader with capacitive keypad  and backlit LED (green/red/blue) for different warning signals.
- Tailored to every type of exterior and interior door or access point (wooden doors, aluminium profile 
doors). Also offering custom solutions for glass doors and 
emergency exit doors.
- Compatible with almost any Euro profile mortise lock to ensure 100% compatibility with your needs. Also available in Scandinavian, Finnish and Australasian profiles.
- Modern, elegant design with multiple handle types and finishes 
to complement any building style. It also includes antibacterial coating.

17 November 2021