Try the Hoteza Web demo now!

As the practice of our work shows, more and more hotels have begun to refuse any printed matter. They were replaced by a single card with a QR code.

This is simultaneously connected with the epidemiological situation in the country, with concern for the environment, as well as with the development of domestic tourism, which is now a very big stake.

Now, upon arrival, each hotel guest receives a card with a QR code, having scanned it, he can order food or services in the room using the convenient Hoteza Web Application. In addition, the guest can order any accessories, contact the staff, as well as book a table at a restaurant or a spa treatment and pay for them instantly.

Try our Hoteza Web demo now by scanning the QR code below. We are sure that you will have no doubts why the trend of rejection of printed materials is so urgent today.

11 August 2021