Hotel Yakhonty Noginsk chose Hoteza Check-In as the most efficient and fastest way to check-in guests

Country hotel Yakhonty Noginsk, first of all, is focused on family vacations and weekend tours. The facility can accommodate up to 1250 guests at a time for accommodation in 5 buildings and cottages.

Every weekend the hotel faced long queues at the reception during peak check-in and check-out hours for individual guests, and at large group check-ins for corporate clients (up to 100 people at a time). The hotel management has set two tasks for HRS specialists: to improve security measures and make check-in more comfortable for guests.

Anna Burzakovskaya, Executive Director of the Yakhonty chain: Yakhonty Noginsk is the largest hotel in the chain. It receives about 1,000 guests per check-in, most of whom arrive by 5 p.m. The long queues affected the mood of the guests, which led to a decrease in our ratings in the booking systems. To address this issue, we equipped an additional front desk and hired new employees. This solution allowed us to speed up the process a little bit, but it still took 5 to 7 minutes per guest. That's why we relied on technology that was supposed to reduce guest check-in time as much as possible.

Hotel Yakhonty Noginsk chose online check-in as the most efficient and fastest way to check-in guests. This solution was implemented by Hoteza, subject to integration with PMS systems Oracle Hospitality and HRS Passport Manager module”.

Alexey Golovin, Project Manager at Hoteza: "It was decided to implement the Hoteza Check-in Lite system. The essence of this integration is that three days before check-in a guest is automatically sent an email with an offer to check in online. By clicking the link in the email the future guest goes to an web form, where he can read the rules of accommodation, enter your passport and contact information, and attach a passport scan. After that all data is sent to the accommodation service of the hotel”.

Artem Shabalin, Business Analyst Hotel Systems HRS: "Based on IFC Gate, we created an interface that allows us to send information about reservations wishing to go through the expedited check-in process to the Hoteza Check-in system and accepts document scans into HRS Passport Manager for further recognition and processing".

Guest who has booked a room in Oracle Hospitality Suite8 system receives a link to the form in Hoteza Check-In system. However, if for some reason the link was not received, it can be forcibly resent from the Suite8 booking form. After a guest checks in, the reservations department employee receives an email informing him of the receipt of the documents with the reservation number.

The correctness of the attached documents can be checked in the admin area of the Hoteza system, after which it is necessary to confirm the sending of documents in the HRS Passport Manager.

Administrators can now complete the detailed registration information in Suite8 even before the guest checks in, so the work at the reception is reduced to just confirming identity, obtaining a signature and payment (in some cases) and obtaining a key. This cuts guest interaction time in half, to 2-3 minutes.

Anna Burzakovskaya, Executive Director of the Yakhonty chain: "Check-in time has been reduced considerably, and there are practically no queues. The guests immediately noticed it and thanked us: the hotel managed to grow in the ratings by several points”.

Statistics showed a steady interest in the service - more than 35% of guests used the pre-registration procedure, filled out the form online and attached a scan of the document already in the first month of operation of the system. This significantly reduced the service time per guest, reduced queues at the reception during peak hours, and increased guest loyalty.

With additional promotion, timely awareness of the existence of this method of check-in and general popularization of the technology, the percentage of check-ins done online will easily exceed the 50% threshold.

Anna Burzakovskaya, Executive Director of the Yakhonty chain: "The main proof of a good result is the feedback and evaluations of our guests, and they are excellent". 

Marina Dergacheva, Sales Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia HRS: "We always strive to try new things to improve the quality of service our customers' guests receive. And we are very glad that the Yakhonty entrusted our systems to take care of their guests. HRS systems are not only time-tested, but they allow us to implement state-of-the-art solutions that greatly simplify hotel operations. Thank you also to our partners from Hoteza, with whom I hope we will implement more than one such project.

22 July 2021