Room Control (GRMS)

Guest satisfaction at the hotel is ensured by simple and intuitive access to room management. For example, set a comfortable temperature, pleasant lighting, open or close curtains, or use your tablet as a TV remote control.

After the guest's check-in, through the PMS system, the TV in the room automatically turns on with a hotel promo video and a personalized welcome message from the general manager of the hotel.

At the time set by the guest, through the TV or mobile application, a morning video is turned on (the volume increases gradually) with a wish for a good day and a weather forecast for the day.

Guests can control the room directly from the tablet in the room or the TV from anywhere in the room: light, temperature, curtains, TV. All the amenities of the room are regulated by one touch on the screen of the gadget, which is very easily disinfected.

13 April 2021

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