Meet Hoteza Web App!

Hoteza Web is an interactive web application that does not require installation. The guest can access the application by clicking on the link in the hotel's welcome message, scanning the QR code on the key card, TV, in-room tablet, or on printed and electronic media anywhere in the hotel.

Now, not only guests, but also those people who do not live in the hotel can order food and drinks, book restaurants and spa. All you need is a QR code or a link, which the guest can find in advance on the hotel's website.

Hoteza Web does not require integration with PMS, allowing you not to invest large budgets in the installation. The web application can be customized in accordance with the corporate identity of the brand, supports the possibility of online payment for services and includes the ability to pay for services and includes modules and marketing.

Room and TV management, hotel ordering, staff chat, online check-in and express check-out have become even more convenient and accessible for guests, an unrivaled experience.

We offer two different versions: Lite for interactive and economical use, or Pro for those who want to get the most out of the system.

You can find out which version suits your hotel and get detailed advice on the product from our managers

25 March 2021

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