Guest journey: Hoteza solutions for automated guest travel

Guest travel still consists of 3 periods: before, during and after the stay, but the coronavirus has brought new changes to those parts of hotel life that previously seemed unchanged.

Today we will tell you about the solutions that allow you to adapt the guest journey at every stage, in an environment where process automation is setting the “new standard” for the hospitality industry.

Before stay
Self-check-in is an excellent indicator of service and a real salvation for those guests who do not want to languish at the front desk for a long time. As a result, the guest checks in in a good mood and when it is convenient for him, and the hotel can turn his attention to more impressive services than issuing a room key. For example, offer him a room in a higher category or include breakfast. After confirming the booking, the guest receives a link to download the mobile application and a link to the Hoteza web application, depending on what is more convenient for the guest or preferable to the hotel. Thus, the guest can get acquainted with the hotel and its services in advance, as well as ask all questions of interest in the chat.

In addition, this is another opportunity to protect your guests from dangerous contacts. Yes, the greeting is delayed, but don't panic! You will still have time to make a good first impression!

During your stay
Upon arrival at the hotel, the guest enters the PIN code that he received after registration by mail. Hoteza Mobile will automatically generate a mobile key, and the guest will be able to freely access their room. The exception is countries with complex immigration laws, which require verification of the identity of the guest.

For example, in our country, presenting a passport upon check-in is a prerequisite. Therefore, although not for long, you still have to visit the reception.

Finally, when all registration issues are resolved, the guest is checked into his room. Remember when we said that you still have the opportunity to greet a guest? This can be easily arranged using a TV, mobile application or tablet in the room by setting up a welcome message company in the chatbot in the guest's native language. As a result, your guests will feel special when they receive a personalized message from the general manager. There you can also send your guests instructions on how to connect to the Internet, special offers or birthday greetings.

The more “remote services” there are in your hotel, the less chance of “dangerous encounters” between guests. The guest does not have to go down to the hotel restaurant to eat a steak. All you have to do is go to the Hoteza mobile application, or place an order via TV in the room.
The guest saves his time and is safe while you increase your middle check. For example, ask him to order vegetables for a steak or a glass of red wine. In the same way, you can promote special meals, drinks or combo sets while guests are watching certain TV shows. Offer them beer and chips for an enjoyable soccer watching experience.

Guests do not want to give up their habits, even when they are away from home. If he watches his favorite TV series every night on the big screen, create the same conditions in the hotel. Hoteza Stream is a one-stop solution for AirPlay and Google Chromcast, built specifically for the hospitality industry with no additional in-room hardware requirements. The guest only needs to connect his device to the hotel's Wi-Fi network and follow the simple instructions on the screen in the Hoteza TV system.

The mobile application gives the guest an unprecedented level of comfort and provides unique opportunities: control of TV and devices in the room (if the hotel already has Hoteza TV, as well as the GRMS system), information and advertising materials in electronic form, room service, communication with the hotel staff through messenger.

Ask the guest for their opinion of the hotel stay before check-out. The Guest Questionnaire is displayed in the same way on all Hoteza platforms and is a simple but highly effective way to better understand what makes guests happy. We made sure that guests saw the feedback form by sending a message through the system and inviting them to express their honest opinion. If they report something that doesn't meet your standards, you will know and will do everything in your power to iron out the rough edges.

Your guests can use late and express check-out instead of the usual check-out at the front desk. As a result, minimal crowds, time savings for everyone and safety. Do not worry about paying the bill, it will automatically be sent to the guest's mail.

After stay
After the guest has checked out, the hotel still has the opportunity to stay in touch with him and send information about special offers via a mobile application or by e-mail.

10 March 2021

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