Don't keep your guests waiting: 5 solutions for fast service

Has the speed of service always met your expectations?

Imagine a situation where a tired guest checks into his room after a long and tedious check-in process and finds that there are no towels in his room.

He calls the front desk after a few minutes of searching for the number he needs. On the other end he hears, "Of course, the towels will be in your room in 5 minutes."

5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, 20 ...

The guest begins to experience negative emotions, which have already crossed out a pleasant first impression.

Towels, of course, will be brought. Later than those promised 5 minutes. The climax of the situation: a dissatisfied guest. Hence all the consequences: bad reviews, lack of additional room orders (for obvious reasons) and choosing another hotel with fast service on the next trip.

The guest loves good service and doesn't like to wait. The speed of service tells him directly how important he is to the hotel. Therefore, the promised deadlines must be respected.

How can we help?

1. We always indicate the exact waiting time for the In-Room Dining order, which the guest makes through Hoteza Mobile, TV, HotPad or through Hoteza Web. For example, if a guest orders a Greek salad and a steak to the room, we will warn him that the order will be delivered in 20 minutes. We always show the real waiting time, so that the guest can calculate his time, and the hotel his strength.

2. Long queues at the reception, payment check, lengthy filling of documents. We believe that check-in should be automated. Hoteza Check-in allows you to check-in before checking into the hotel, choosing a convenient time for this.

3. In case the hotel has integration with POS systems, the guest's order can be automatically sent directly to the kitchen, and the hotel staff can immediately start executing the order. After reserving a table at the restaurant, guests can pre-order food and drinks to shorten the waiting time. Spa treatments, workouts in the gym and other additional services can also be ordered through POS. Guests simply browse the catalog, choose what they like best, and book the service in a few clicks. The hotel staff will immediately see their order, be able to confirm the time and prepare in advance for the arrival of the guest.

4. How many minutes will pass before the guest finds the information they need in the stack of crumpled leaflets and brochures? Spoiler alert: a lot! We offer a digital folder with full hotel information that can be updated online in different languages.

5. By scanning the QR code on the TV in the room, the guest can access the web application using the already authorized link, which will save time when entering the room number, surname and email address when placing an order.

The guest does not want to waste precious minutes waiting. He wants to receive high-quality and fast service. Having given him what he wants, he will definitely return to you. This is the main task, isn't it?

3 March 2021

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