How to Avoid Turning Digital Guest Experience into a Nightmare?

The modern guest expects smart digital solutions during their stay. But any technology can turn an amazing experience into a nightmare if unreliable.

Like the rest of the world, the hospitality industry is currently undergoing a period of unprecedented change. The driving forces are, of course, the latest trends and innovations in technology, entertainment and the way we connect to the services around us. Digital solutions not only create new opportunities - they shift power in favor of consumers.

Today, guests are in control of their journey and expect a seamless digital experience during their stay. Any hotel that wants to keep up with the best must meet these expectations in order to attract and retain guests, receive good reviews, increase additional income and guest satisfaction, and, frankly, just be relevant. Guests no longer admire smart digital solutions - they demand them.

This poses two problems for hotels. The first is to find a solution that meets all the requirements and expectations of the guests (and it is advisable to add something else to keep the guests interested). Secondly, this solution must be stable, secure and hassle-free.

So let's think about how we can solve these problems and provide a digital guest service that meets the requirements without any problem.

Guest connection - digital guest experience
At the moment, a third of all hotel guests in the world are millennials. Right now, this group is becoming a mainstream consumer marketplace, and as digital natives, they focus on authentic, personal and smart experiences. As guests, they expect hotels to deliver personalized digital services.

Flawless connection
The moment a modern guest steps into a hotel, he will want to connect to it using his personal devices - not only for a good Wi-Fi connection, but also in order to be able to use the hotel's services through their devices. This connection must be reliable and easily accessible. No complicated login procedures or confusing passwords. Just an instant and simple connection that works anytime, anywhere, throughout the hotel.

Mobile technologies
The smartphone has become something of a magic wand that allows you to control and interact with any hotel service. The only difference is that you have to wave your wand, and on your smartphone, make a couple of clicks and get the desired service within a few minutes. While staying at a hotel, the modern guest wants to be able to use their personal smartphone for things like mobile check-in, mobile key and TV remote. He wants to receive information, leave reviews, order food in the room, book a spa or a table in a restaurant for the evening. Mobile solutions are a connection that brings the guest and the hotel closer together for years to come.

Smart solutions
Digital interaction, of course, extends to the hotel's own technology. Guests expect access to high-tech features such as the ability to control lights, curtains and temperatures using their phone or tablet in the room. And the ability to stream your own content (video, music, etc.) from a personal device to screens in the room is a basic requirement these days.

Individual experience
Today's guests do not mind if their data is collected and analyzed, if this leads to offers tailored to their personal preferences. It is perceived as a personalized and exclusive service that makes the guest feel unique and loved. And the hotel receives a bonus in the form of additional sales.

If the hotel can meet these expectations, the first task will be solved. But anyone working with IT solutions is usually wary of investing in new technologies, because even if they can be of great benefit, any new technology is also another potential source of poor performance, problems and disruptions. And unreliable technology is almost as bad as not having any digital solutions if it results in huge losses in time, efficiency, productivity and guest satisfaction. But delaying an investment for fear of a solution that will cause more problems than value is the wrong approach to solving this problem. You just need to find a platform that is flexible, secure, and stable.

A few tips on how to do this:

1. Invest not in hardware, but in a solution
When you're looking for the right people to provide the right tools and systems for digital guest engagement, reach out to those who listen to your needs, not the gadget sellers. One will talk to you about performance and technical specifications, while the other will take care of what is important to the hotel and its guests, and then use their knowledge to create the right and personalized solution for a flawless experience.

2. Work with someone who knows their business 100%
Choose partners who understand not only the needs and expectations of the modern guest, but also the infrastructure, needs and strategy of the hotel. IT IS IMPORTANT! Understanding will lead to effective and lasting relationships.

3. The solution must be automated
It is out of the question that guest technologies should offer intelligent solutions, but your back end should be just as advanced. A robust system should have self-diagnostics, automated monitoring and maintenance. A smart solution fixes its problems before anyone notices it.

4. Proactive support
Instead of waiting for help until a seemingly small problem turns into negative reviews and bad reviews on TripAdvisor or, work with an expert who anticipates, identifies, and solves your problems proactively. A long-term relationship with someone who always makes sure your solution runs smoothly is intelligent support.

5. Successful cases of colleagues
Is someone already using this solution? How does it work for them? Colleague cases are the best and most authentic "demo" you have ever received. Just ask!

By meeting guests' needs and integrating the right solutions to deliver an interactive digital guest experience, you can increase guest satisfaction and increase revenue without any associated technology issues. Making a wise choice, the result will not be long in coming!

We are always ready to tell you all about the secrets of a successful guest experience, show cases and develop an exact plan on how to make sure that guests always come back to you! You know how to contact us.

19 November 2020

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