X-Clinic in Repino: Talk About the new SMARTEQ Project

with another successful project, and our company's solutions have appeared in the x-Clinic adaptive medicine clinic in Repino.

The patient is a top priority for X-Clinic, where all the necessary conditions are created to help you focus on yourself and your health, when our main priority is to implement a "reasonable" level of electricity consumption and implement new energy efficiency standards. That is why we have installed energy-saving online TESA devices in the wards, which guarantee a reduction in the level of electricity consumption during the period when the patient is in the ward, and ensures a power outage in his absence. Our wireless online devices report the presence of guests or maids in real time, and X-Clinic staff can turn off the air conditioning or heating when the patient is not in their room, even if the card is in the switch.

We installed 154 TESA SmartAir Spy electronic locks throughout the clinic. SmartAir Spy lock is a combination of stylish design and the latest modern developments in the field of intelligent access control. The lack of contact between the chip and the reader ensures high reliability and low operating costs. In addition, our specialists installed the smartair series Elevator reader, an access control platform based on stand-alone devices with online management capabilities that provide maximum security and convenience.

3 November 2020