SMARTEQ solutions appeared at the hotel Kol Gali Resort & SPA

For more than 2 years, the Kol Gali Resort & SPA hotel has been working to provide its guests with a comfortable stay that meets world standards of hospitality. Every year the hotel confirms its status, conquering new peaks and winning awards in prestigious awards and international competitions.
We could not pass by this beautiful project and not tell about what solutions of our company are integrated into the room stock and daily give premium service to hotel guests.

You are probably already familiar with our Hoteza TV interactive television system, which works without IPTV set-top boxes (STB) and is compatible with most hotel TVs. At the Kol Gali hotel we installed the PRO version, which allowed us to get the most out of our system. Detailed information about all SPA programs with the ability to sign up for the procedure by choosing the desired date and time, ordering services in the room, schedule of animation programs for little guests, feedback, hotel special offers and much more. These interactive solutions delight guests on the LG and Samsung hospitality TVs we've installed in our rooms.

In addition, the hotel guests now have access to the high-speed Internet Hoteza HSIA. To access Wi-Fi, the guest only needs to enter the room number and his last name. Such a simple and convenient guest authorization process is possible thanks to the certified interface with all major PMS systems. In addition, Noteza HSIA has many useful features, such as branding the login page in accordance with the corporate identity.

Our mobile solution Hoteza Mobile has also become part of the Kol Gali Resort & SPA interactive service. All the possibilities of the room and hotel offers are now in the guest's pocket! All you need is to download our mobile application from the AppStore or Google Play. The application helps to get in touch with the hotel staff or management, send notifications and questions from anywhere in the hotel and for this you do not need to waste your time at the reception. The staff will respond to the guest within a couple of minutes.

Many people often underestimate the need for a hotel phone in the room, but not the Kol Gali hotel. We have installed TeleMatrix hotel telephones in each bathroom for quick and convenient communication with the hotel staff.

The five-star resort SPA-hotel Kol Gali Resort & Spa was opened in 2018.The hotel is located on the picturesque bank of the Volga in the city of Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan. The basis of the hotel concept is environmental friendliness, concern for the health of guests and the well-being of the environment, the combination of culture and traditions of the East with European hospitality. By the way, this year Kol Gali Resort & SPA was nominated for the international award "World Travel Awards 2020".

1 October 2020