Resort-hotel Jamaica pleases guests with SMARTEQ solutions

“Sit back on a spacious soft sofa, pick up your favorite book and enjoy a comfortable stay in any of our rooms” - you cannot think of a better word to describe the hotel rooms of the Jamaica resort hotel in Anapa. And we can't help but rejoice knowing that our team and SMARTEQ solutions are involved.

We have integrated the Hoteza TV interactive system in all rooms of the resort hotel. Now it will be much easier for Jamaica guests to find out the necessary information about the hotel, its services, opportunities and special offers, not to mention many of the most popular TV channels in the highest quality on Samsung hotel TVs, which we have installed in every room.

In addition, we have improved the process of entering the Internet. With Hoteza HSIA, all you need to do to access Wi-Fi is to enter your last name and room number. Hoteza HSIA solves the problem of Internet congestion by distributing the available speed fairly and helping to reduce hotel staff costs, as well as get positive reviews and eliminate unhappy guests through fast device auto-tuning and prompt technical support.

We believe that a minibar is an integral part of a good hotel room and an indicator of high service, and the management of the Jamaica Hotel agree with us. That is why 105 Omnitec PURE minibars (30 liters) now delight guests after a hot sunny day. The design of the minibar of this model combines a modern and elegant design with the most modern technological components, such as an enlarged diffuser, a "smart" thermostat, the parameters of which can be adjusted by the guest.

We wish the Jamaica Resort Hotel a successful end to the season and thank you for your trust.

24 September 2020