The new Lapino Clinical Hospital complex has been equipped with Hoteza solution

A new surgical complex at the Lapino hospital has opened in the Moscow region today. 6 floors, modern laboratory, operating hospital. It will be possible to carry out 12,000 thousand operations per year, and the most difficult ones, including for unborn children.
The complex has prepared for its patients single and double wards, equipped with the most modern equipment for a comfortable stay during the entire treatment process. The most important criterion, according to doctors, was the creation of an environment in which the patient would feel, if not at home, then at least as in a good hotel.

“This is a fundamentally new position of medicine, when it is the patient who becomes a part of the whole process,” says Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko.

Taking into account all the requirements, we installed an interactive Hoteza TV system in each hospital ward, which allows you to focus on what is important for patients.

Favorite TV channels, detailed information about the hospital, its services, meeting specialists, an alarm clock service - all this is available to patients without having to leave the ward. Thanks to the feedback form in the Hoteza system, the management of the complex will be able to assess the quality of the service and treatment provided at any time, to react in time and smooth over sharp corners before the guest decides not to return to the hospital again if he needs medical help again.

“I hope that all the technologies that are immersed in the hospital will help to get a truly advanced clinic in technology, equipment and, of course, results,” summed up Mikhail Murashko.

Our team congratulates the Lapino hospital on the opening of the new complex, wishes it prosperity and healthy patients!

17 September 2020