Hoteza Statistics Module

We have written a lot about it - solutions that make the stay of guests at the hotel as comfortable as possible, gave advice to hoteliers on how, through the introduction of modern and interactive technologies, to make guests come back to the hotel again and again. But today, we decided to pay attention to statistics, or rather useful analysis tools that will help the hotel work even more efficiently and bring additional profit.

We think that any good hotelier needs to know as much information as possible about his guests. Their interests, preferences, tastes. What for? This data not only helps to properly build work, to highlight accents and priorities, improving the quality of service, but also to increase your income.

The Hoteza statistics module will tell you everything you want to know about your guests. Just select the time period you are interested in on the control panel. Done!

The most frequently requested services in the hotel, favorite items in the menu of your guests, order statuses (completed, canceled or new), their number and the most popular devices in the room (TV, hotel tablet or personal gadget), as well as the rating of TV channels and most viewed pages in the Hoteza system.

Such detailed information allows you to conduct a detailed analysis of the behavior and preferences of your guests, draw appropriate conclusions and, on the basis of this data, manage the quality of the services provided and increase additional sales. By the way, the total amount of all orders for the period of interest can also be viewed in our module.

In the section "Reports" - "Internet reports" you can see detailed diagrams that show information about the use of hotel Wi-Fi: the number of connected and the most preferred and convenient method of authorization (using a code or mobile phone). This information will help you improve your hotel's internet connection. 4 small diagrams will tell you about the most devices that guests often use to access the Internet, the most popular browsers and even the rating of mobile platforms (IOS, Android, MacOS or Windows). The "Guest device language" chart allows you to find out: guests of which nationalities and from which countries visit your hotel more often than others. For example, it turns out that the French are your regular guests. Maybe you should consider adding croissants to your morning menu?

Find out what your guests think of you! Just open the Feedback tab in the Reports section and the system will show you the average rating for each question that you ask your guests in the interactive questionnaire. The number of positive and negative answers is also indicated. This tool is a simple but powerful way to better understand what makes your guests happy. That being said, you will know immediately about negative responses and can react before a guest posts their negative review on TripAdvisor or

The Hoteza statistics module collects information about the behavior of guests and allows you to track their preferences according to age, gender or nationality, being an indispensable assistant in the desire to become the best for your guests.

31 August 2020