Five Reasons The Hotel Industry Will Overcome The Pandemic

As one of the oldest industries in the world, the hotel business has experienced more during the pandemic than it could have imagined. Perhaps this is the most devastating crisis that has ever affected the space of travel and hospitality.

Nevertheless, we were never so sure that hoteliers and hospitality professionals would soon be on top. Working together, supporting each other and making proactive and informed decisions, we will not only survive this crisis, but also emerge from it even stronger.

At a time when everyone needs good news, here are five reasons why this should happen:

1. Once all restrictions have been removed, travel demand is likely to be higher than ever.
It is difficult to imagine a world after a pandemic in which people do not feel a desperate desire to travel again. They had been locked in their homes for so long for several months, and probably had to cancel at least one, if not several, of their planned trips during that time. Not to mention the fact that many are looking for ways to find inspiration and joy.

As experts quickly noted, the tourism industry is ready for explosive recovery as soon as society returns to normal. How quickly this happens will depend on several factors, including economic recovery and lifting restrictions. But one thing is certain: good times will come back, and hotels are likely to be among the largest beneficiaries.

2. More hotels will start using contactless technology
At a time when guest safety is a key factor, hotel owners have no choice but to make contactless technology a part of the service. We do not say that hoteliers have not yet invested heavily in technology, but this may be an incentive for the industry, which, as you know, is resistant to the changes necessary to ensure security and overcome the crisis.

From the point of view of the company, which is firmly connected with the development of such solutions, we see significant changes in thinking when it comes to the realization that without ensuring the necessary security conditions it will be very difficult to return to the previous course. We believe that hotels will look for any opportunity to differ from competitors as soon as everything is restored.

3. The impact of sales and marketing
Even in difficult financial times, these channels play a key role in maintaining loyalty, communication with future guests and gaining a new market share. Reducing these positions may look like a necessity to optimize the budget, but most hotel owners know that long-term opportunity costs are not worth it. In fact, now, perhaps, the most important time for an active sales and marketing strategy is when the travel world becomes real again, your hotel will be in a winning position.

4. Local travel is gaining in popularity.
Even if COVID-19’s influence frightened people away from traveling long distances for some time, the demand for hotel rooms is unlikely to simply disappear in the next few years. If people hesitate to travel far, their plans may simply take a different direction. If you adapt marketing strategies to attract such guests, then you will preserve the profitability of your hotel. spoke about the main desires of travelers from Russia. According to the study, the Russian Federation is the country that dreams of traveling more than others. According to the study, the focus of travelers' preferences has shifted towards the home: their desire to stay in accommodation facilities within the country has increased significantly. St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Anapa and Gelendzhik - cultural capitals and places for beach vacations occupy high positions in the list of domestic destinations that Russians dream of most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Krasnodar Territory topped the ranking of the most attractive regions, while Moscow and St. Petersburg were among the top five most desirable global destinations.

5. The world shows a good recovery trend
Now many hotels are paying attention to the experience of China to understand how a return to normal can go. Some early signs of a recovery in demand are seen. If this trend continues, it may become a good sign in terms of the course of the epidemic in other countries, including ours. Analysts believe that the sector will begin to recover thanks to tourists who had to postpone quarantine holidays and who will go to resorts as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Working in a vibrant tourism industry, we are used to swift changes, but no one was prepared for that level of global uncertainty.
But we know for sure that the hospitality industry is sustainable. First of all, this is an industry in which people play the main role, and it always will be. And although no one has a clear understanding of what lies ahead, our customers remain a priority for us. Together we will learn, adapt, and grow until the industry recovers.

Without losing hope for the future, we are close to our customers and are ready to help them manage the present.

7 July 2020