Hoteza Self Check-In

Self Check-in systems quickly and confidently gained popularity around the world the last few years, until COVID-19 turned them into an urgent need. Today, contactless registration is not just a modern technology that is used only by large hotel chains, it is what guests will expect from hotels of any categories.

It’s no secret that even before a pandemic, long registration was never a good way to make a good first impression on a guest. After a long flight or hard work, guests have to stand in line, fill out a large number of registration cards. Not the best time for a small talk with the staff, right?

However, guest registration is the most important part of the customer service process. While many people think that contactless online check-in at hotels sounds futuristic, almost all passengers check-in for flights in real time via their smartphones, and would be happy to do the same before arriving at the hotel in 2 clicks, without wasting time on a long wait and tedious paper filling.

When you first hear about self check-in systems, you are most likely thinking about kiosks. A kiosk is a tool that allows hotels to automate check-in processes. This is quite a convenient way, but security policy in the post-pandemic era can be a crushing blow. With the development of technology, contactless online registration is a modern and relevant solution, without the need to invest a lot of money in a real car and its maintenance. Hoteza self check-in will not only increase the level of individual service and provide guests with premium service, but also give hoteliers the opportunity to offer guests additional hotel services, simplify the work of staff and increase revenue.

You might think that a self check-in solution can minimize interaction with guests - this is not so. Contactless registration will result in improved individual and contactless service. No matter how science fiction makes you believe, robots do not get the upper hand. They just help us in everyday life. The purpose of the self check-in system is not to reduce staff. In fact, it allows your staff to freely provide personalized service to guests. With less administrative work, employees can focus on more important details, including problems and interests of guests. If you install the Hoteza self check–in system in your hotel, it does not replace personal interactions, it makes them more meaningful.

Why, after all, do hotels need Hoteza solution?

1. Guests will not have to queue at the front desk. In high season, check-in is best managed using the self-check-in system.

2. You will be able to earn extra income by selling your offers. Instead of doing it yourself, a simple notification can tell your guests about offers. Most importantly, they can check the details on their own at their convenience.

3. As mentioned earlier, self check-in systems are an ideal way to personalize communication with guests. This is probably one of the most important reasons for making a decision. When the guest is registered, you can check the necessary information in advance. Moreover, you will have enough time to request details such as estimated time of arrival, food requirements, preferred room category, desired floor, etc.

4. Another important advantage is that a well-integrated system stores data in PMS and makes it available the next time the same guest visits your hotel. This allows you to easily provide customized services. This data may include special requirements, notes, customer preferences, and other information.

5. Last but not least, keyless entry is the latest revolution in hotel technology. Thanks to the technology of self-registration, you can provide the guest with a mobile key that can be used to open the room after registering online. If it is technically difficult to carry out, upon arrival they can be handed a key card.

As hotels strive to be more customer-oriented, self check-in will become the industry standard in the coming years.

Personal service has always been a unique selling point for the hotel industry. It is clear that hoteliers are cautiously introducing new technologies, but times have changed. Self check-in is not just an addition, but a necessity.

Consulting with our specialists is another way to make sure that you are making the right choice!

23 June 2020