Minibars: Maximum Service for Your Guests'

A couple of months ago we told you about the main characteristics of minibars and their features that you need to pay attention to when choosing. Today, we decided to review all the minibars presented by our company, so that it would be easier for you to understand which model is suitable for your hotel.

To begin with, we suggest figuring out what is the difference between absorption and compressor minibars.

Absorption minibars are a traditional solution for hotels, providing the highest level of guest service. These minibars are fully equipped with a silent and efficient cooling system with low energy consumption. Due to the availability of technological elements, such as an electronic thermostat or an automatic defrosting system, the level of energy efficiency of these minibars is optimized and the need for maintenance is reduced.

Due to the continuous improvement of compressor units and increasing the efficiency of devices operating using compressor technologies, minibars equipped with compressor units are increasingly being used in hotels. The main characteristics of compressor minibars are high cooling performance, energy efficiency up to the level of A +++, the absence of audible noise already at a distance of one meter and the presence of a programmable working timer. Thanks to the above characteristics, compressor minibars satisfy the most stringent hotel requirements.

The design of the minibar of the PURE model combines modern and elegant interior design and advanced technological components, such as an enlarged diffuser and an “intelligent thermostat, the parameters of which cannot be adjusted by the guest. By purchasing OMNITEC PURE you get: quality and a high level of service, efficiency in your hotel, reducing costs and installation time. The model is available in two sizes (30 and 40 liters).

Model A absorption minibars provide a high level of comfort in the hotel, and are characterized by reduced energy consumption. Being silent and functional, they meet the needs of hotels of all sizes and categories. The model is available in four sizes (25, 30, 40 and 50 liters).

The ELITE model is an advanced minibar with a quiet compressor. High level of performance, minimum energy consumption and effective acoustic insulation, thanks to which the noise becomes invisible at a distance of 1 meter or more from the minibar. The “real time chronometer” (RTC) option allows you to program the minibar in order to automatically turn off the guests during the rest period, which allows you to optimize the level of energy consumption. The model is available in three sizes (35, 45 and 60 liters).

Model C minibars are equipped with a perfectly calibrated compressor system to maintain the optimum temperature for cooling drinks and snacks inside the device. The model is available in three sizes (35, 45 and 60 liters).

All models of minibars are made using the latest technology and are suitable for hotels of any categories that require products of the highest quality. Choose minibars with a modern design and limited power consumption to satisfy the most demanding customers

18 June 2020