Hotel Safes: Guarantee of Reliability

Hotels must guarantee the safety of the property of their guests. Despite the fact that the main indicator of security is an electronic lock, a hotel safe provides additional security and gives peace of mind to guests. Air tickets, passports and valuables should be kept in a safe when the client leaves his room.

SMARTEQ offers a variety of secure storage systems for hotels of any category: from the most technologically advanced to functional. Our range of safes consists of 4 electronic systems, 3 opening formats and 7 sizes.

In this article we want to elaborate on the models of our safes and talk about their main advantages.

The Safeguard M-Plus electronic safety deposit box provides the right balance of safety, performance and comfort that guests most often need. Safe with a clearly visible display and electronic equipment, provides a high degree of security. The model is characterized by ease of maintenance, the presence of various emergency opening methods and the use of an audit trail for resolving possible incidents. The safe of this model represents versatility and comfort in the field of security in the hospitality market.

The Protect model is a safe of the highest quality class, one of the most advanced manufactured by OMNITEC. The safe is designed for the most demanding hotels and features advanced security and management features. It is made of carbon steel, with a mechanized opening function using a security code and its confirmation. Safe functions are displayed on the LED display. We can provide you with this model in 7 sizes, with a front door, a drawer or a lifting top cover.

Supra is a high-performance electronic safe that guarantees the satisfaction of guests and hotel managers of any category. Characterized by a modern and elegant design, Supra safes differ from other models in the presence of a keyboard with rubber keys and blue backlighting, making it easy to control the safe regardless of the lighting conditions inside the room. Providing convenience and safety of use for guests and hotel staff, these safes combine in their design everything that is needed for hotels with the highest level of requirements.

By installing the Safeguard safe model, you can be sure of the safety of the valuables of your guests by not investing, at the same time, a large budget in the purchase of equipment and without experiencing special difficulties with the installation of products. The safe is made of steel and can be opened manually and using a code consisting of 3-8 digits, as well as a mechanical handle. The model is made in 4 sizes with a front opening door. Safeguard adapts to your needs with a wide range of accessories.

The EXO model safe guarantees the security of the property of guests and gives them additional amenities when they can open it using their smartphone, RFID tag or personal digital code. A one-time random master code greatly enhances hotel security. The application generates an emergency code that is used only once to open the safe for which it was created.

SMARTEQ offers a wide range of customizable hotel safes that meet the needs of hotels of all categories. We invite you to personally verify the wealth of choices and options provided by the OMNITEC line of safes. We are sure that among them you will surely find that safe that will 100% satisfy your preferences.

16 June 2020