Our Response to COVID-19: Touchless Self Check-in

Hoteza Contactless Check-in is a safe, intuitive and universal solution for hotel and guests.

How does this solution work?

A few days before arrival at the hotel, the guest receives a personalized email. This letter informs the guest that he has 2 options to continue pre-registration:
• download the hotel branded application
• go to the pre-registration web form
In the pre-registration form, the guest must indicate the following information:
• general data (name, nationality, address, date of birth, etc.)
• personal preferences (eg floor)
• photo of a passport or identity card (using the camera or uploading a photo from the library)
• additional hotel offers (breakfast, superior room, etc.)

After completing the preliminary check, the guest will receive a QR code, which will simplify the registration process upon arrival at the hotel, saving the guest from long waiting at the reception and dangerous contacts. When checking in, the guest can use the mobile key by opening the number using a smartphone.

29 May 2020