Hoteza Healthcare solutions for Verba Mayr

It has been proven that involvement in the process of one’s own treatment is the key to successful recovery. Today, the field of medicine is increasingly concentrating its efforts on the search for interactive technologies to ensure the most comfortable stay during the entire treatment process. Knowing this, we present the Hoteza Healthcare solution - a cross-platform platform for communicating with patients via televisions, tablets or mobile gadgets. The solution allows you to better engage patients in the treatment process and helps pave the way for a quick recovery, giving positive emotions.

"Studies show that improving the patient’s perception of the care they receive is a primary goal for the healthcare system and the case studies presented on this topic show how modern technology can be effectively used", says Jason Wolf, Executive Director of the Beryl Institute.

Verba Mayr is the only center in Russia that works according to the European standards of modern integrative medicine and provides its guests with a preventive rehabilitation program according to the method of the doctor F.K. Mayer.

Hoteza TV and Hoteza Mobile solutions make the best use of the existing network infrastructure of the medical center. Thanks to the modern equipment of Hoteza medical wards, patients can find out all the necessary information about the clinic, doctors' qualifications, time of appointment and the services provided on the TV screen or their own smartphone. Favorite TV channels will help you feel at home, and if the patient wants to enjoy their own content on the big screen, he can use the Hoteza TV options, for example, screen sharing.

“Without a doubt, the positive patient experience gained through the use of interactive patient technology in hospitals is significant, as evidenced by a 10 percent increase in patient satisfaction,” says Jason Wolf.

Patients can ask and receive answers to questions about treatment, leave feedback, send requests in real time, without leaving the room. Online communication streamlines the workflow and simplifies the work of the clinic’s medical staff.

“Thanks to solutions of Hoteza TV and Hoteza Mobile, we were able to provide each patient with an individual approach and significantly reduce administration costs, because now our guests can personally check the schedule of procedures and make an appointment in just a couple of clicks, without leaving the room. Hoteza Solutions Fully Meet Our Customers' Highest Expectations ”- Austrian Health Center Verba Mayr

Integration with two powerful automation tools of medical complexes - Logus HMS (Hospitality Management System) and the medical information system Sanatorium, allows guests to check the schedule of procedures and make an appointment in just a couple of clicks, and staff to abandon routine, paper work and pay more attention to treatment patients.

“Thanks to the integration of Logus HMS, the Sanatorium and Hoteza, guests get the opportunity, without once again contacting the staff, to use the entire infrastructure of Verba Mayr, and independently adjust their schedule within acceptable limits. The crisis has shown that the future that everyone was talking about has already arrived. And right now, to maximize guest satisfaction, you need to use online ordering and service management services ”- Sergey Fomin,  CEO Libra Hospitality

14 May 2020