Waiting of modern travellers from the hotel room

Traveling the world, favorite applications on the smartphone screen, morning jogging and selfie on Instagram - “Generation Y” values ​​freedom, modern technologies and communication above all. These young people aged 24 to 39 thirst for vivid impressions, travel a lot, are willing to spend money on acquiring new experiences, not things, and willingly share their impressions with the whole world. It is important for them that technology meets their needs anywhere in the world.

Even if guests simply check in at your hotel to put their thoughts in order or spend the night, they will always turn on the TV, in search of the desired channel, start looking for an episode of their favorite series on Netflix, or want to choose and order dinner in the room without picking up the phone.

Due to the increase in guests with different requirements for entertainment and personal leisure, hotel owners have thought about what a modern traveler expects from a hotel room.

The expectations of hotel guests have changed dramatically in recent years. Booking just a comfortable place to stay is no longer enough. Today, a traveler wants a hotel room that will allow him to stay in touch from the moment of check-in, as well as use the usual technologies that he uses at home. And here your guests may encounter some difficulties.

Connecting guest devices

Leisure in the room revolves around hotel television. Since smart TVs with Internet connection prevail in almost every home, hotel guests will expect the same from a hotel room. In many hotels, travelers are limited to a small screen, not being able to broadcast content from a personal device to the TV in their rooms. Hoteza provides such an opportunity. The screen sharing feature allows guests to display their electronic devices on a TV screen, which helps them feel at home while enjoying HD-quality video and great sound.


In many hotel rooms you can still find a large number of brochures and booklets, among which it is difficult to find the necessary information in the right language. More and more hotels discard printed printing and replace it with digital devices. Hoteza shows detailed information about the hotel, restaurants, special offers, interesting events in the city on a TV or tablet. With one click, the guest can order any service: from ordering a taxi and dinner in the room to an additional toothbrush or dry cleaning. Multilanguage support for Hoteza TV is automatically launched in the guest’s native language. The built-in language support system will allow you to overcome the language barrier and establish communication with guests of any nationality, which will significantly improve the quality of service in your hotel.

Maintaining effective communication with the guest

Today, more and more guests are refraining from personal communication with hotel staff. Using the built-in messenger from Hoteza, guests can directly communicate with employees or hotel management on any issues in a format convenient for them.

Number management

Ultrafast Wi-Fi, voice assistants, room management gradually become not price luxury, but a pleasant expectation and even a necessity. With Hoteza, guests can control the room directly from a tablet or TV from anywhere in the room: adjust light and temperature, open and close curtains. The system integrates voice control of all room features.

Personal leisure and work opportunities are what future guests will pay attention to when choosing a hotel. Understanding these changing expectations and investing in the right technology will be critical to maintaining the image and maintaining competitive advantage for years to come.

11 February 2020