Wawelberg Hotel St.Petersburg Saint-Petersburg

In this article, we will share with you IT solutions and innovative technologies that we have applied to equip 79 luxurious rooms of the new Wawelberg Hotel St. Petersburg, which is located in one of the most remarkable and unusual buildings of Nevsky Prospekt - the Wawelberg Banker House. Already now we can safely say that this hotel is one of the most high-tech in Russia, and an impressive number of applied hotel solutions will give an unforgettable experience and premium service to hotel guests.

Hoteza TV is an interactive hotel IPTV system that includes a full package of information and entertainment functions along with services that are useful to both guests and the hotel. With the extended Hoteza TV Pro, guests of the Wawelberg Hotel  will have access to all the hotel's features and services on the hotel's TV screen. In a couple of clicks, a guest can order room service, book spa treatments or a table at a restaurant. The module of orders and reservations in the Hoteza TV system will allow guests to use the precise setting of their requests. For example, if a guest wants to order a steak to his room, he can choose its degree of doneness, let's say medium or well done. Special offers of the hotel, room management (regulation of light and temperature, opening and closing of curtains, etc.), alarm clock service and much more are also available to guests of the new hotel.

In addition to the TV system, our team installed LG OLED 65” TVs. OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode) is truly innovative, due to ultra-thin displays, which consist of organic light-emitting diodes. These progressive diodes emit light as an electric current passes through them. Moreover, the light emission is carried out by each individual pixel. Therefore, the TVs that we have installed do not need screen backlighting at all. Rich colors, including deep blacks, and reduced motion blur are the main strengths of OLED technology.

Hoteza Stream® technology will allow guests of the Wawelberg Hotel to stream content from any device to the hotel's TV screen. The patented technology does not require an Apple TV set-top box in every room. Guests can enjoy their own content on the big screen without cables or additional devices behind the TV.

Mirror TVs, with the same functionality as TVs in living rooms, have appeared in all bathrooms of the hotel. While taking a bath, the guest can enjoy watching their favorite TV channels or their own content, and when turned off, the TV can be used as a mirror. Such an innovative solution will not only emphasize the status of the hotel, but will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated guest.

All rooms are equipped with iPads with a multifunctional interactive app Hoteza HotPad. Thanks to this solution, guests get an unforgettable experience from their stay at the hotel, and the hotel acquires an effective marketing tool for communicating with the guest. Integration with PressReader opens access to world publications, allows you to read your favorite newspapers and stay up to date with the latest events. To charge the tablets, professional iPort docking stations are used, which use the patented anti-vandal charging system for tablets using magnetic pins.

Video call (video concierge) is a solution created for even greater comfort and convenience of guests. When the staff knocks on the room, the guest will see his image on the screen of the hotel TV and tablet. If the guest wants to be alone, just select the "do not disturb" option.

All room features in the guest's mobile application: room automation (GRMS), chat with hotel staff, room service and much more. After downloading the Hoteza Mobile application, the smartphone turns into a TV remote control and a mobile key, which makes it possible to open the doors to rooms and not worry about lost or forgotten key cards.
In-room devices (lighting, air conditioning, blinds, etc.) are controlled by any Hoteza product - TV, tablet or guest smartphone. In the current situation, when the world is facing new challenges, our solutions bring the added benefit that guests of the Hotel Wawelberg will be able to control the room without touching the panels.

The Housekeeping module helps the maid change the room status from the hotel TV in the room. After confirmation, the information is sent to the PMS, which speeds up the work of the staff.

To connect to the Wi-Fi network, hotel guests will only need to enter their phone number or room number and surname. Hoteza HSIA solves the problem of Internet congestion by distributing the available speed fairly. The speed between all real users of the same level is divided based on current needs in accordance with the so-called "fair access policy". With this model, even free users will not experience any inconvenience.

The five-star premium hotel has just opened its doors to its first guests, but already claims to be the best in the city, and we are pleased to be involved in this event.